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A portable CITY 360 Tower, a revolution in CCTV monitoring.

A light and portable design of the Tower facilitates its usage in areas where, up to now, providing professional security was either difficult or pricey. Fast, reliable and professional service at minimum price. The Towers are modularly configured. Wide range of additional equipment makes it easy to adjust the Towers’ functions to the particular needs of every customer. We deliver security at highest level and full autonomy of the system. Easy to use, fast to install and mobile. The dream-come-true features mean the Towers can be used on road construction sites or lots , in machine stocks, for employees supervision, in open-air events such as exhibitions, amusement parks, fairs, different kinds of markets and other mass events, such as marches, demonstrations, concerts, sport events or applied at temporary installations or in warehouses and parking lots.

What does CITY 360 offer?

User Friendly

Self-powered Towers are fully independent. The devices are ready to use immediately after its delivery. The CITY 360 portable towers can be placed at every locations or relocated according to current needs.

Wide scope of threats detection

At threat detection, CITY 360 can use various forms of response, e.g. sabotage alarm, deterrent light or audio message. Additionally, the device provides evidence by filming the threat, even at night. Infrared mapping will make an intruder visible even in bush. In a critical situation, police or patrol is called.

Full customer service

We advise on the right choice concerning the best configurations and help in transportation and professional installation.


What extra benefits does CITY 360 offer?

  • Minimises the risk of human error,
  • Eliminates the necessity to invest money in expensive surveillance equipment,
  • Provides great quality thanks to its state-of-the art additional equipment,
  • Saves time at planning and implementation phase,
  • Eliminates maintenance and service cost,
  • Ensures reliability due to its modern service system.

Avilable equipment

  • Expandable mast of 8.5 m
  • 360-degree cameras,
  • IR cameras - night vision,
  • Thermo-vision cameras,
  • Motion detector,
  • Loudspeaker system for voice intervention
  • Self-powered,
  • External power 230V
  • Sabotage alarm,
  • Wireless independent communication.