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“Our aim is to secure professional equality for five million disabled people living in Poland”.

The City Security Group was established in 2001 by Marcin Sejdak and Baniamin Krasicki - two businessmen with vast experience in the field of security and emergency medical services. The knowledge, gained both in Polish and international enterprises together with their innovative approach, resulted in creating a unique business model in which market and customers' needs are of greatest importance.

Today the approach is manifested by, i.a. barrier-free City project, which aims at providing equal possibilities to people with disabilities, so they can play an active role in social life. 

Not only does the barrier-free City create new places of work, but also makes other entrepreneurs aware of considerable benefits such employment brings. The mission behind the project is to challenge the stereotypes and open the doors that, until now, were closed for people with disabilities. Undoubtedly, their potential and engagement on administrative and operation positions provides a guarantee for a fruitful cooperation.

What you may gain from our cooperation:

  • Care and attention while the recruitment process
  • Effective motivation
  • Support in your professional development
  • Participation in teaching trainings on various positions