• ochrona fizyczna obiektów przemysłowych



Production and Industry


Carefully developed procedures guarantee efficient protection of factories, assembly facilities and other places of significant role. Supported by technical equipment and CCTV, our personnel provide safety and help in case of danger by following strictly planned security procedures.



Arkadiusz Szczygieł

Security employer with many years of experience, holds certificate of 1st and 2nd level course for Pracownik Ochrony Fizycznej (Physical Protection Officer), Kwalifikowany Pracownik Ochrony Fizycznej (Qualified Physical Protection Officer) (certificate no. POF 75229) issued by the Metropolitan Police Chief, Qualified Officer of Technical Protection. Holds Firearms license (category B and M). Certified internal auditor in TAPA FSR, authorised to audit routes for "special" and valuable goods transportation. Holds security clearance - "Confidential" classification, Certyfikat Świadomości Ochrony Lotnictwa (Aviation Security Awareness Certificate), and Lean#2 Certificate LEANPASSION.

Experience: in security sector since 2000

  • Security Officer;

  • Licenced Physical Security Officer;

  • Commander of guard;

  • Head of Facility Security;

  • Supervision Inspector of storage and logistics facilities’ network

  • City Security.