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Security of office facilities requires specially adjusted procedures, which ensure maximum safety but are not onerous. Therefore, the procedures are always adjusted to the Client's needs and thoroughly discussed. Fulfilling the requirements comprises also adjusting the dress code to the character of a company.



Mariusz Stempień

Has gained his experiences in Polish and foreign corporations. He has been working on managerial positions for the last 12 years and specialises in the strategic security analysis and planning in office and commercial-office buildings. The fields of his competence include commercial management of human resources, carried out in close cooperation with contractors. His management style is very creative, characterised by implementation of technological solutions, modern engineering tools and City Security's resources, such as security system, video surveillance, City 360, e-reception and SECAP app. The willingness to share the knowledge with customers contributes to constant increase in the number of contracts signed.

Professional experience:

  • Implementation and supervision over contracts execution concerning office buildings, commercial-office buildings and diplomatic posts
  • Key contracts planning and management within city infrastructure
  • Custom-made safety procedures development and their introduction
  • Mariusz Stempień has been holding the position of the Chief Operating Officer in the City Security group for the last 5 years