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Within the scope of City Security's services, one can also find mass events protection, irrespective of their kinds. We ensure safety during small events, like company parties, and during the bigger ones, like sport events, family picnics or concerts.

In order to adjust the protection plan to the event we concentrate on close cooperation with the organisers. Therefore, we can adjust security measures to the size of facility and number of participants. We will make sure that every event goes smooth.



Krzysztof Liedel

A security management PhD, lawyer, specialist in international terrorism and its combating, an expert in information analysis, especially in the decision analysis field. Apprentice at the National Counterterrorism Center in the USA. An independent expert in the Counter Terrorism Department in the United Nations. Former Head of the Counterterrorism Division in the Public Security Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. Former Director of Non-military Safety in the National Security Bureau. Head of the Institute of Information Analysis at the Collegium Civitas, Director of the Centre for the Research on Terrorism in the Collegium Civitas. Lecturer at the Collegium Civitas President of the Polish Rugby Association. An author and co-author of many publications on international terrorism and its counter fight as well as on information analysis.