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City Security specialises also in providing bodyguards. This immensely significant branch of security services, consists in providing full protection of life, health and personal immunity to our client - a VIP.

Depending on the current needs, we deliver permanent or temporary protection. Most importantly, the service does not only concentrate on the client, but also on the family members.



Sebastian Michalkiewicz

A graduate of the University of Gdansk and the Police Academy in Szczytno. An experienced and comprehensively educated manager in the public security sector. Throughout his professional life, he has gained experience on managerial positions in Central Bureau of Investigation, airports and other strategic objects within the city infrastructure. Certified Security Auditor and Compliance Officer. One of his achievement is participation in the creation of the Central Bureau of Investigation. Sebastian Michalkiewicz puts in practice his 26-years' experience in the security industry in City Security.

Professional experience:

  • The Head of Business Crime Prevention in the Central Bureau of Investigation.
  • The head of management in the Central Bureau of Investigation in Warsaw
  • Chancellor at Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony (Safety and Security Academy)
  • Co-founder of Crime Prevention in the Central Bureau of Investigation.
  • A participant of trainings run by New Scotland Yard
  • Trained by Europol in the Hague
  • Decorated with the honoured Cross of Merit by the Presidents of Poland
  • Decorated with the Modal of Merit for Distinguished Policeperson by the Ministers of Internal Affairs.
  • The President of the City Security Group

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