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The vision of City Security is to ensure maximum safety to our customers. We strive to minimise the risk of robbery and terrorists attacks by constant development of our services and utmost care of every detail connected with it.

Developing the company we continue to work towards the following goals:

  • to become a leader in the European security sector,

  • to remain competent by introducing modern solutions adjusted to the individual needs and special requirements of our Clients,
  • to balance the Client's budget sensibly by continual reduction of the administration and logistics costs,
  • to provide the highest quality by employing state of the art technology, implementing high labour standards and international security standards.



In City Security, the Client always comes first. Focusing on delivering the most reliable safety systems and raising the quality of our services, we have developed strategy which aims at improving efficiency of our services. To achieve that we provide:

  • Contract implementation schedule;
  • Uniforms and equipment for the security staff;
  • Safety audits;
  • Trainings on:
    • fire protection,
    • first aid,
    • terrorist threats,
    • Persons and Property Protection Act (according to the Polish law),
    • others.
  • Reporting system;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Security system organisation;
  • Implementation of National Safety Standards.
  • SECAP Reporting system;



  • We possess contractual and tort liability insurance up to PLN 11 mln,
  • All employees are provided with the third-party liability and accident insurance,
  • We are a member of the Polish Chamber Of Security,
  • The company has obtained the NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code 2370H,
  • We have implemented the European Safety Standards of services and facility supervision,
  • We have obtained the following quality certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110:2009,
  • We cooperate with the Warsaw Metropolitan Police to perform tasks of special professional importance.
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City Security was established in 2001 as a work of two prominent businessmen, who have extensive experience in the security sector and emergency medical services. They have gained their knowledge in Poland, Scandinavia, Asia and West Europe.

Together with their innovative thinking, they brought new quality into the Polish security business. The services offered are based on their experience, gained while working in the Polish security sector for both the Polish companies and the foreign ones. The offer has been adjusted to our market, in terms of economy and demand. Almost from the very beginning, the services were tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. That is why the majority of our security employees are able to give first aid, and many of them extend their duties to concierge services, which means they possess detailed knowledge of products offered in a particular shop or services in a shopping centre. Today, City Security can offer its Clients much more. The services range from security and physical protection to investigative services or specialised usage of technological equipment preventing eavesdropping.



Beniamin Krasicki - President of City Security, member of the Polish Chamber Of Security.


An experienced manager with a 20-year practice in the security business, who has worked, among many, in multinational companies like G4S, Securitas and Falck Security. He co-owns City Security, together with Marcin Sejdak, and is company President. City Security has become one of the leading entities in the field of people and property protection in Poland. City Security protects, i.a. big commercial and logistics facilities, buildings and premises of so called critical infrastructure, spread across Poland (e.g. military units, energy facilities, self-governmental and administrative offices). Well qualified and experienced personnel of City Security are hired also to special tasks, e.g. as bodyguards for VIPs during the World Youth Day in Krakow.
As a member of the Polish Chamber of Security, Beniamin Krasicki, engages himself and takes part in actions aiming at improving the labour situation and the esteem of security personnel. He is also involved in activities aiming at broadening the knowledge about threats (e.g. the terrorist one) and how to counteract them. The activities are undertaken with, i.a., Centrum Badań nad Terroryzmem Collegium Cavitas (en. The Center for the Study of Terrorism Collegium Civitas). The cooperation resulted in launching Antyterroryzm, a quarterly magazine, and a special, free application Mass Event Security.
Beniamin Krasicki is also a member of Foundation Council "Ochrona i Pomoc", which provides help to security workers injured on duty, and to their families.


Konrad Komornicki - President of the Supervisory Board


Konrad Komornicki graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (1998), University of Warsaw. He finished Study of National Security, European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Kozminski University in Warsaw. He has also took part in courses and internships in multinational institutions (i.a. NATO, European Parliament, Western European Union). Mr Komornicki has also received many awards in the field of business information security.
Konrad Komornicki gained his experience in security management during his long term employment in self-governing local and public administration units and in commercial companies in the banking, armament and the persons and property security sector.
He held a managerial position in, i.a. Central Management Board of Poczta Polska where he supervised protection of personal data, ICT security, and persons and property security. He was a representative of Poczta Polska in Postal Security Group (PSG). Mr Komornicki was a member of the Management Board in one of affiliated of Kredyt Bank S.A. and supervised the following departments: safety (1500 security officers), marketing and sale. He also held managerial positions in the Warsaw City Hall, Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. where his duties included: cooperation with institutions responsible for safety in Poland, protection of classified information and personal data, ICT security.
Member of Supervisory Boards in financial and ICT entities,
Konrad Komornicki possesses Polish, NATO and European Union security clearance, speaks fluent English, Russian and German.

Krzysztof Liedel - Member of the Supervisory Board,


A security management PhD, lawyer, specialist in international terrorism and its combating, an expert in information analysis, especially in the decision analysis field. Intern at the National Counterterrorism Center, USA. An independent expert in the Prevention and Combating terrorism Department at The United Nations Security Council. A former head of the Department for Counterfighting the Terrorist Threats in the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Department of Non-Military Security at the National Security Bureau. Director of the Centre for Research on Terrorism in Collegium Civitas and Director of the Center for the Study of Terrorism Collegium Civitas Lecturer at the University of Warsaw and Collegium Civitas. Vice-president of the Polish Rugby Union. An author and co-author of many publications on international terrorism and its counterfight as well as on information analysis.


Sławomir Wagner - Member of the Supervisory Board


Current and a long-term President of the Polish Chamber Of Security, which represents almost 90% of the sector in Poland.
An entrepreneur and a social worker.
President of the Foundation Council "Ochrona i Pomoc", an organisation which provides real and extensive care to security officers in need and their families, widows and orphans of the security officers who died on duty, as well as to those injured while performing their duties.